The objective of the ECC is to assist French, British and EU decision-makers and influencers both during the Brexit negotiations and beyond, by providing a forum of exchange and discussion that:

  • allows different views and sectorial points to be expressed
  • facilitates constructive and balanced political solutions

Drawing on the collective diversity within the networks and expertise of its members, the ECC seeks to guide and facilitate the Brexit debate within the UK and Europe, contributing to the political decision-making throughout the two-year Brexit negotiations, and during the transition period — should it take place — starting in March 2019.

The ECC discusses and tests proposals coming out of the Brexit negotiation process and assist in identifying:

  • the challenges posed by Brexit on both sides
  • the fears Brexit may create
  • areas of convergence and divergence
  • possible negotiation outcomes

Conclusions and recommendations determined at the ECC fora are shared with political decision-makers with a focus on the UK, France and Brussels. The initiators of the ECC have direct access to the French and UK governments, members of the French and UK parliaments, and to EU decision-makers in Brussels.